Places to see Damsels and Dragons

I intend to use this page to record  locations where I visit to see Damselfly and Dragonfly. I will add to it as the season progresses
Hedley Lane, Birkheads
A visit here a week ago provide no Damselfly sightings but another visit on 08/05/11 produced Blue-tailed Damselfly

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Greenside Estate, Kingston Park
I have only recently explored this area and even though the weather conditions today were poor, 10/05/11 there were Damselfly present

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Big Waters NR

I have found that the highest density of Damselfly and Dragonfly is along the outlet stream North side path.
Dragonfly will patrol back and forth, particularly about half way along. As the days get warmer the Damselfly can be seen along the shore of the lake.
Damselfly have already started to appear from 26/04/11.
The dipping pond can be a productive place to spot exuvia.

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Shibdon Pond - Blaydon on Tyne

The boardwalk can be a productive place to see Dragonfly since it acts as a warm resting place

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Woolsington Ponds
Access to these ponds is a bit casual. Currently you can park in the layby on the A696 and walk through the fence and around the access track, but I have to confess to being unsure if that is planned route, since the 'hole in the fence' looks a bit unofficial.
The small pond is good for Damselfly which are there now, 03/05/11 and the larger pond for Dragonfly

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